I'm Pregnant. Now What?

You just found out you're pregnant and chances are you're losing your shit right now. 

How long do I wait to tell everyone? Who do I tell first?! Is it a boy or a girl? I've always wanted a girl...Do I qualify for paid maternity leave?..What am I supposed to eat when pregnant? I can have a glass of wine right, or will people judge me? Can I still run? Can I workout? OMG. CAN. I. WORK. OUT?! What the f*** am I supposed to do for nine months if I can't workout?!

Step one, breathe. Congratulations! Whether your goal is to get into a routine or maintain your pre-baby fitness levels here are some dos and dont's to abide by FitMamas. 


Train like you're competing. Instead think about training your body for your delivery + post-natal life. 

Think all exercises are fair game. Try to avoid moves that require you to be on your back for prolonged periods of time as much as possible. After your first trimester, swap out supine positions for standing alternatives. As your uterus grows it increases the pressure on your vena cava (the vessel that returns blood to your heart) restricting blood flow to the heart and the baby.

Front load. Avoid prone positions after your bump is BUMPIN' which is typically around the second trimester. As your belly expands the linea alba (that line that goes right down your abdomen) begins to thin and expand. When you front load, the weight pushes onto the expanding abdominals causing more separation.  Exercises like front planks and push-ups can increase your risk for Diastasis Recti (separation of the abdominal wall).


Get cleared to workout.

Continue your pre-pregnancy routine with modifications as needed. 

Listen to your body. If something feels wrong, stop and consult your physician immediately. 

Make sure you're able to maintain a conversation. If you can't talk, you're going too hard. 

Be kind to yourself. Yes, your body is changing, yes it may be uncomfortable, but now is not the time to beat yourself up.